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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Keeping abreast of the threat

Matt Stoller on how Telecom Companies Want Your Internet
One thing that really irritates me is discussions of capitalism that imply right-wingers are capitalists, or that big companies are efficient. Neither is true. Right-wingers are socialists, and big companies are hugely inefficient. If the right-wing cared about capitalism, they wouldn't subsidize large corporations at the expense of free markets (oil depletion tax, anyone?). And in a genuinely free market system, many corporate CEOs would be out on their ass because they get paid a lot to do very little.

Which brings me to the internet, and why telecom companies are trying to shut down what makes it great. I love the internet. In fact I think the internet is the only way to bring back public space to our democracy. It's also under threat.


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