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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A comment left at Brad DeLong's site

From this thread, the following comment:
This isn't the dumbest war in the last two thousand years - it's just dumb, probably comparable to the French installing Maximilian in Mexico. Pointless and embarrassing and expensive.

It is not up there with the great nation-breaking mistakes: it's not an Alcazarquivir or a Syracuse expedition. Similar in some ways, sure, but far less important.
The US forces in Iraq don't face any existential threat and they almost certainly never will. We're not going to see a Dunkirk or a Kut: we'll probably leave pretty soon, though, because the whole thing never had any point.

As for impeaching the fools responsible - justified, but it won't happen, unless they redouble their bets and invade another country or two. Then life would get interesting.
...which I quote because of its cogency.

I notice, however, that no one responded to my comment:
Bush and company do deserve jail for what they have done to this country. I'll know when sanity has returned to the US when people stop looking at me funny for saying that.
They still look at me funny.



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