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Thursday, October 06, 2005

A Spy in the House of Cheney

News Item:
ABC News has broken the story in the last half-hour that a Marine has admitted to spying while working in Dick Cheney’s office for the last three years undetected.

"The information was transferred mostly by e-mails," said U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Christie at the time of Aragoncillo's arrest. Since that arrest, officials say Aragoncillo has started to cooperate. He has admitted to spying while working on the staff of Vice President Cheney's office.

So let me get this straight; the guy [Cheney] who told us that we would be at risk if John Kerry was elected has had a spy working under his nose for three years.
At first glance, the marine-spy's motive seems to have been to try to promote democratic reforms in his native Philippines. If true, then this is somewhat ironic.


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