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Friday, October 07, 2005

The Rational Underground

Call Leftist Boddhisatva crazy if you want, but I’m inclined to believe that the latest New York City subway bombing threat is one of two things: a hoax or a hoax.

The first scenario plays out like this: Mayor Bloomberg needs a little extra “push” to help him ride out the election, and President Bush needs something, anything, to break his freefall in the polls. We all know that the Boston terror alerts during the 2004 Democratic National Convention were politically inspired. A “credible threat” is found in Iraq—subtly reinforcing the idea that Iraq is a threat—and is made public in time for a massive NYPD deployment in a made for the evening news event. Bloomberg looks good. The NYPD gets overtime pay. And somehow this benefits Bush.

The second scenario plays out like this: a prisoner in one of the US’s Abu Ghraib-style prisons in Iraq decides to blow smoke up the ass of his interrogator. Perhaps the prisoner has heard of the London Underground bombings. What’s a city in the United States that he has heard of, something that inspires him, in between his sexual humiliation sessions: New York. He tells his military interrogator that there are a number of bombs ready to explode in the New York Subway system. The interrogator fills all the rest of the details, in his overeagerness to show results, and the United States is put on alert.

Odds: 100:1 this is real, 1:1000 that it is a hoax.

Place your bets.

UPDATE: See this post at The Left Coaster.


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