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Monday, October 10, 2005

Perhaps the numbers don't speak the truth? Perhaps they do?

Could Gore Even Win Again?

Gore has been thoroughly slimed by the Republican Noise Machine, and as of yet not only has he not recovered, he might even be sinking further. Like many others before him, he was slimed in a completely unfair manner, and mostly for telling the truth. However, that does not change the fact that any Gore run would be extremely difficult right now, and that nay poll where he trails is not exaggerated by the Incumbent Rule or anything else. In fact, because he has 100% name ID, if anything, his deficits in current poll would be exaggerated.
I think a great leader is someone who has been in the crucible and has come out stronger, better, a fighter. I believe Al Gore has been in the crucible and would be a great President. Speaking through the Republican Noise Machine to convince others of that... I'm not even sure Buddha could do that.


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