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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

more grab bag

Bye bye greenbacks: new ten dollar bill has color

I've seen this before, but it is good to see it all in one place, and with more photos: Banksy takes on Israel's immoral wall (via Angry Bear)

You need to socialize the little bastards early. Get them used to Big Brother watching you.

Zen Koans (via gordon.coale; something tells me I'll be busy reading...)

Video clip to watch: from "Inside the Bubble," a documentary about the John Kerry summer camp and home for wayward boys. (via Oliver Willis)

dead-on: In his September 15 speech to the nation, President Bush asserted that poverty in America is mostly restricted to the nation's Southern states. Like a lot of right-wing ideologues when it comes to issues of race and poverty in America, he's in denial.
America's claim to shame is that it has the highest level of poverty in the industrialized world. Bush's four and a half years of trickle-down theories have failed miserably. The poor have become even poorer. The nation's poverty rate has climbed from a 27 year low of 11.3 percent to 12.7 percent last year. Thirty seven million Americans are living below the poverty line, a group so large, Newsweek's Jonathan Alter pointed out in a post-Katrina cover article, that it amounts to "a nation of poor people the size of Canada or Morocco living inside the United States."


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