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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

grab bag

Kerry's not- so-amazing race, on film

Is former vice-president Al Gore gearing up for another run at the White House? Rumors are swirling in Washington that Gore plans to take on New York's Sen. Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2008. He's recently launched his new television network, Current, and is back on the speaking circuit. In fact, he'll be the keynote in D.C. next week at a huge Democratic National Committee fundraiser.

Organizers had predicted 100,000; the D.C. police chief was quoted as saying “they probably hit that.” By midafternoon they were estimating that 250,000 people had showed up. (via Welcome to the Sideshow)
There were even soldiers in uniform.

A specialist from the 101st Airborne who asked not to be identified talked about his friends in Iraq, and questioned the reasons given for invading.

“In my opinion, it’s just [expletive.] This [President] Bush went in there because of his dad, to settle a score. There’s no [weapons of mass destruction].

“But now we’re stuck in there. It’s not gonna be over for years. If we pull out, it’s gonna be worse.”

A sergeant with the 42nd Infantry Division nodded agreement.

Governmental incompetence solved -- or rather papered over -- by militarization has a long history. And authoritarianism's hand is usually as clumsy as it is heavy.

Of course, it now seems the White House has realized he deserves the fate of proven incompetents: a new job. Medal of Honor next.


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